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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I schedule an appointment?

Scheduling an appointment is as easy as can be! Call our front desk at 662-324-1967 to book your appointment in advance or click on our Book an Appointment button above.  


Is a consultation required?

Consultations are a great time to talk with your stylist about the specifics of what you want and the process that it will take to get there! Not every process is the same from person to person and this is the perfect time to get to discuss your hair goals and how to best achieve them. 


Why is my price slightly different than someone else's? 

Everyone is different, your hair is no exception! When it comes to time spent and products used, the amounts may vary from person to person. 


Can I look exactly like this picture I brought with me? 

Our staff is fantastic at what they do! That being said, we are not miracle workers. We will do everything we can to help you meet your hair goals and get you as close to the picture as we can. 


I want to go from my natural dark brown hair to an icy blonde, what is that process like?

This kind of process will take a while. To lighten naturally dark hair, it involves a series of lightening processes to remove the already existing color before adjusting it to the exact tone you desire. This process can be damaging but don't worry, our hair professionals are the best in the business and will get you to your goals in the best way possible.

I tried something new and now my hair is ruined! Can you help me fix it?

Oh no!! We have just the things for the job. First steps to take would be to make sure your hair is as healthy as possible and then work towards your desired color or cut. The process may take a while but for the perfect end result, it will be worth the wait. 



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