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The Ladies of Tokros


Freida Buckley

Ms. Freida Buckley is our queen. She was inspired by her mother’s work as a stylist to make her own mark on the industry. She grew up in Memphis and after moving to Starkville, she decided to open the salon we know and love. Freida is most proud of taking her new downtown property into something unique and completely her own. She credits the business’ success to the stylists who work with her. 


“I have been a salon owner for a very long time. And I have been excited about it everyday since I became a hairstylist. I am so proud of the women I work with, they are a total reflection of Tokro's. My business is my life and love.”


The Tokros name comes from a Fullbright Scholar from the Ivory Coast who during his time in the states, studied at the USDA Research Center at MSU and made an impact on Freida and her family! The name meant so much to Freida, she decided it was the ideal name for her salon as well. Perfectly paired with a bohemian flair that intrigues all who enter the salon, Tokros is a place of art and artists.

Angie Carnathan

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Angie has been a stylist since 2001, earning her degree from cosmetology school for the sake of working at Tokros. She fell in love with the atmosphere and community here while working as a receptionist and decided that this was where she needed to be. 

“The reason I started doing hair was Tokros. I was finishing my last year of college when I started working here as a receptionist and I fell in love with this salon, these people and this clientele. It was a God thing. I love my job and I love our clientele, not just mine but everyone else’s too. It sounds cheesy but it’s very much a family atmosphere.” 


One of her favorite things about working with Tokros is being able to provide a service that can not only change the way you look but change the way you feel. She has a heart for those who sit in her chair and wants nothing more than to improve your day with her craft. If you’re not having the best day, Angie would love to turn it around and make you feel like a-million- bucks again!

Christy Rendon

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Christy has been a stylist with Tokros since 1993. Tokros was her first job out of cosmetology school and she says that she could not have found a better place to help her hone her craft in those early years. She loves working here because of the supportive environment and the relationships she has made with her coworkers.


 “I love working with strong talented women who are always there to support each other and help all of us grow as stylists and decent human beings.”


 Christy loves being around people. Embarking on something new? Whether it be a new job, a wedding, a birthday or if you’re just needing some TLC, she loves the chance to meet your hair care needs. Whatever the occasion may be, Christy is looking forward to making you feel and look your best!

Kara Tapp

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 Kara has been working at Tokros from the beginning of her career as a stylist. She loves coming to work every day because of the diverse clientele that she gets to work with. People from all walks of life come to sit in her chair and she loves getting to know them, as well as their stories. 


“I get to hear when people get engaged, are expecting their first baby, buy their first house, vacations, heartbreaks, tragedies, and everything in between. I’ve built relationships with people I would’ve probably never spoken to otherwise, all because they sat in my chair!” 


Kara loves the opportunity to not only get to know you, but also share your joy over a new cut, color or style. Building meaningful connections and getting a fantastic style? Come see Kara for both!

Megan Gaulke

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Megan has been a stylist since 2009 and has been working with Tokros since 2011. She was honored to be taken on as a beginning stylist and has found a home in Tokros. Her favorite thing about working here has been learning from the women of Tokros and meeting the new faces of MSU students that come in. 


“There’s nothing better than the feeling you get when your client leaves with enthusiasm and a huge smile.”


 Megan loves learning about all of the new techniques and trends. As styles and culture changes, it is exciting to evolve with them and keep up with what is new! Whether you’re ready to make a statement or improve and refine your current style, Megan is excited to work with you and leave a smile on your face!

Shannon Tucker

Shannon is our fantastic Nail Technician and has been at Tokros since 2002. She loves working in the beauty industry and making her clients feel gorgeous.


"{I love} having a flexible schedule and meeting new people."

Her favorite thing about working at Tokros has been seeing her coworkers and her clients. She praises Frieda for being a great boss and her fellow stylists for making coming to work feel like coming home! For a manicure or pedicure that will put a spring in your step, come book your appointment with Shannon today!

Stephanie Jackson

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Stephanie has been a stylist with Tokros since 2015.  She loves Tokros because of the creative environment that it provides. Tokros encourages self expression and the appreciation of all things unique and this resonates with Stephanie. 


“I love to make others happy, and {being a stylist} is my way of contributing to the community.”


She initially saw the chance to work in the hair industry as a creative outlet but has come to find a totally new appreciation for the craft. Her love for her clients comes through in her work and her passion to make those who sit in her chair feel confident and great!


Margaret McArthur

Margaret has been part of the Tokros Team since 2015. She has kept the salon running like a fine tuned machine for the past 4 years while simultaneously earning a degree in accounting from Mississippi's University for Women in Columbus. 

"I love getting to know our clients on a personal basis and being able to provide them the best experience that a salon has to offer."

The stylish atmosphere of Tokros has been a high point for Margaret during her time here but she truly loves the salon for the stylists. Getting to see firsthand, the talent and creativity that the stylist possess has been one of her favorite aspects of the salon. Give her a call and set up your appointment today!

Jeanne Quinn

Jeanne has been a stylist at Tokros since 2010 and was previously a salon owner herself! For 42 years, she followed her dream of owning a salon but can now be found at Tokros, caring for each and every one of her clients. 

"I love working here. I love working with the stylists and learning from them."

Jeanne loves her clients and getting to visit with them. She also loves getting to work with and learn from her fellow stylists. As a lifelong learner in a constantly growing and changing industry, Jeanne enjoys getting to see and try out new trends and techniques. Tending to her clients is her passion and she would love to take care of you too!