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At Tokro’s, we understand there’s a lot to learn when it comes to hair. If you have any questions, or if you’re unsure which service to book, please feel free to call us during business hours and we will be glad to help! 

Hair Care



Consultations are highly recommended! Let’s discuss the process, style and overall game plan for achieving the result you are seeking and ensure that adequate time is allocated for your subsequent appointment. A $20 deposit is collected that will be applied to your next appointment.


Chill out while we wash and round brush your hair into a stunning style that is just right for you.


Let’s come up with the perfect hair style for any occasion. For best results, schedule a consultation and bring your favorite pictures.

Special Occasion Styles

Your special day means the world to us. We can't wait to make you look your absolute best for a wedding, prom, or formal affair.

Vivid Color

Vivid color is all the rage! Bright, rich jewel tones and pastel shades are seen on celebrities and soccer moms alike. Vivid color is a multi-step process that takes time, so a consultation is highly recommended prior to booking the service.



Looking to change, add a little shine or enhance your natural beauty? How about an electric lavender, a soft blonde or a rockin' out red? A color or gloss is either permanent or semi-permanent and alters your natural hair color. A single color is applied to your entire hair.


Partial highlights are typically placed around the face and through the part of the hair to add texture and dimension. Full highlights typically run from the forehead to the bottom of the neck and throughout the hair. Highlights create a consistent color throughout the hair while maintaining dimension. Individuals with long or thick hair are asked to let us know when booking appointments so that we can schedule accordingly



Balayage, or hair painting, is a technique that creates soft and natural dimensional highlights. Painting color directly onto the hair allows for ultimate customization. Unlike foil methods, there are no harsh regrowth lines, making this perfect for those that desire a low maintenance color routine. This technique can be used to create dimension in all hair colors and can be customized to specific shades – so no two paintings are alike!

Color Correction

Things happen. Whether accidental or simply a desire for a change, a color correction is occasionally needed. Our stylists are certified professionals and are ready to guide you through the process.  Consultations are strongly suggested prior to this service as additional time is required.


We do it all: funky, fresh, layered or chopped! The best way to care for your hair is to give it a healthy new cut no matter how big or small.

Men's Haircut

We were voted Best Hair Salon and Barber Shop in the Starkville Daily News Reader's Poll for 2019. Enough said.

Child's Haircut

Children 12 years of age and under receive a discount for this service.

Bang Trim

Bangs are a fun addition to any style. Come in for a trim and keep them looking perfect!


An undercut is a short haircut to the underside of the scalp, usually with a design cut in or a color added for a bit of artistic flair. An awesome accent to any hairstyle!​

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Deep conditioning treatments restore the hair's natural shine. These treatments moisturize the scalp, accentuate color and smooth split ends and breakage.

Nail Care


Our manicures include cuticle treatments, shaping and buffing of the nail, polish in the color of your choice and a strengthener. 

Shellac Manicure

Our Shellac manicure utilizes a different type of polish. Unlike regular nail polish, Shellac is a gel that doesn't chip or break. It is a sturdier alternative to standard manicures. 


A simple treatment that includes foot soaking, foot scrubbing with a pumice stone or foot file, nail clipping, nail shaping, foot and calf massage, moisturizer and nail polishing. 

Pedicure Mini


A mini pedicure is a pedicure that focuses mainly on the toes. It is designed mainly for toenail maintenance between regular pedicure visits and includes a soak, nail shaping and polish.


Spa mani pedi services involve extra steps beyond the polish application, such as exfoliation, nail conditioning, cuticle treatment, and massage.

Polish change 

A polish change is simply nail color change. Cuticle trimming and nail shaping are not included.

Waxing and Brow Care

Brow Tint/Color

This treatment involves a gentle pigment or dye applied to the brow for a darker and more defined look.

Brow and Lip Wax

Remove those pesky hairs around the brow and lip area with this warm wax procedure. Brow waxing is a great way to define the shape of a brow. 

Arm and Leg Wax

For those who prefer to have that hairless look all over, an arm wax is a great way to achieve this. Waxing removes hairs at the base of the follicle, thus keeping you smooth and hairless for a long time before your next appointment. 

Bikini Wax

The Bikini Wax is the hair removal procedure of removing all hair surrounding the bikini area. It involves a shaping but not a full wax of the area. We ask that clients call and consult before scheduling this procedure.

Brazillian Wax

Brazilian Wax is the process of removing hair from the entire bikini area. We ask that clients call and consult before scheduling this procedure. 


Spray Tan

Get the beautiful summer glow year round. We offer a range of shades of tan. Ask us about our rapid tan solution that is ready to rinse in just one hour.

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